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Microplated Punk Short-sleeve Jacket

Microplated Punk Short-sleeve Jacket


** Operational Debrief: Glutton Eater ** 
We breached the exterior of the building through the main entrance disguised as maintanence workers. Another operative had earlier in the day sabotaged a couple of vents on the target floor. Lower floor security easily bypassed with some clever jamming and distractions.
Chaging into more casual clothing for escape on the way up in the elevator.
Taking the elevator up to the correct floor we exited and quickly took out the roaming security of REDACTED. Five KIA. Short bursts center mass from our Shigures made short work of them. 
Operative REDACTED took up position by the elevator bank, while operative REDACTED controlled the hallway. Operator REDACTED took up final position on the target room. Quickly hacking the door lock to the target room.  

**Operator REDACTED AAR** 
Opening the door slowly, the door slid open silently. Shigure at the ready. Operator REDACTED assisted throwing two well placed flashbangs into the center of the room as operator REDACTED breached the doorway while the flashbangs went off in unison. A guard directly front right side of the entrance. Clicking the Shigure to full auto, a short controlled 5-7 round burst ripped through his chest cavity like a storm of angry murder hornets. The occupants in total shock for a brief moment. The first collapsing like a sack of shit as I cleared the left corner dispatching of the other security guard zipping him from belly button to head.. A third flashbang went in from operative REDACTED going off right by the couch area. The two agents occupying the couch got up just in time to get the remaining 23 rounds drilled through their cybernetic bodies as they collapsed backwards towards the rear of the room while trying desperatly to get their weapon systems on target. To no avail. Room secured. Primary objectives secured. Starting interrogation and blackmail of REDACTED and REDACTED.  Knock out gas released upon completion to hinder REDACTED and REDACTED from calling additional security while the team conducted SSE and extraction through alternative route.

Color: Blue
  • Console Code


  • Location of Item

    2381.88, 554.689 Ded-Zed - Northside

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