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Militech Suit

Militech Suit


To get one of these tailor-made you'll probably have strangled at least a couple of people. No seriously. It's like Purrari. You gotta have one to get one. It's a paradox, we know..
So you better find a owner and, uh, strangle him.. twice.


No fuck boys. Only real men wear Militech Suits.

We don't need no tear drops to show how we get down. 
No gonks, no problem! Be the Elite! FUCK the rest!

Apply for one suit by uploading the following to our data fortress today.

How you strangled your first victim.
How you strangled your second victim. 
Only BD's accepted as proof.

Color: Black
  • Location of Item

    Where: Your first big mission. 
    Location Info: Dexter gives it to you as you leave for said big mission

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