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Mox Nanoplastic Collar

Mox Nanoplastic Collar


** Data Intercept: 13405918591.1 **
This Arasaka thing is heavy fam. Fu'cken 'ell. 
My whip low rider in the back, hah!
We're meeting mama down in the normal spot for offload. 
In return we're getting some serious dirt for that ot'her thang. 
Shouldn't take more than 15. Drop off, chat some shit.. get paid girls. 
Easy as can be! Hah! Drink's on me tonight!
** Data Intercept - End ** 

  • Console Code


  • Location of Item

    2595.4, 1446.13 Clothing Vendor Arroya -
    Santo Domingo; 2222.26,
    1657.83 - Fashion Pacifica

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