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NC Python Ultraresistant Hybrid-weave Racing Suit

NC Python Ultraresistant Hybrid-weave Racing Suit


Get the fuck back inside you dirty gutter rat! 
This "establishment" has been making eddies without paying taxes!
Did no one tell you gonks what happens when you skip the scav tax?
You see, we don't fuck around. We don't take a finger. We don't take your shit. No. 
We shoot you in the fucking head. And that's the first reaction. Mills there, yeah? He's coming with me into the other room. You guys squabble about who is taking over the operation. 
If I come back in here in 1 minute without someone to take over we're zeroing the lot of you. 
NOW MOVE! MOVE! One week! We want our eddies in full or we're coming for you AND your families! SCATTER, VERMIN, SCATTER!

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    Where: TBA
    Location Info: TBA

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