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Pique Half-Zip with Cargo Pockets

Pique Half-Zip with Cargo Pockets


*AAR - Operation Cyborg* 


We came in on the AV-9 to a neighbouring building roof top and made our way towards the suspected rendezvou of the little shrine they put up for the target we zeroed a few months ago. Like corporate security mentioned in the briefing - we can't let them fester and put up shrines for their fallen or the resistance will increase... and that's no good for profits. 


Myself and a agents moved swiftly into an overlook to grasp the situation. No armed personnel were spotted so we rapelled down into position and initiated our assault with no casualities. The civilans on site didn't end up giving us much resistance. A few quips and threats before we loosened a few warning shots. They quickly scattered the area and we did what we were there to do. 


A few thermine charges piggy backed with some radioactive dust to make sure any fool that came back would get the warm fuzzy feeling permanently for their loss - making the site completely un-occupable. Agent Niva also setup an extraordinary anti-personnel minefield around the main entrance points with toe poppers. Completly impossible to see unless you've been trained. 


We extracted out the same way we came in, leaving no trace behind making this false flag a complete success. The AV-9 picked us up on time and we RTB without incident. No cameras in the area and none of the civilans on site we encountered has any recording devices present. Agents Nile and Niva will setup a daily patrol for the next week in the AV-9 at random times with a airborne sniper post and make sure if any stragglers get through to the shrine they'll soon meet their end. 


That concludes my after action repot of operation Cyborg. 

Signed: Agent Hannya

Color: Beige
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    Where: TBA
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