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Powder Pink Trivanadium Alloy Ballistic Vest

Powder Pink Trivanadium Alloy Ballistic Vest


Not all powerful people want bodyguards that blend in. 
This was a bit different of a gig. Required high netrunning skills with at least five years active combat under the bodyguards belt. That's pretty normal. The weird part is requiring the bodyguard to "dress cute for the occation". Oh well. We over at BFO managed to get just the person for the job. 


With zero client losses, BFO is one of the few that has yet to lose a client under active protection duty. 
You might see the one agent following the client around, what you don't see is the background assets. 
Those are what will drop you in a heartbeat with pinpoint precision. 

  • Console Code


  • Location of Item

    2595.4, 1446.13 Clothing Vendor Arroya - Santo Domingo

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