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Reinforced-Leather Office Shoes

Reinforced-Leather Office Shoes


You get a lot of hate for wearing reinforced-leather office shoes. 
"Oh Choom, you don't need reinforced-leather. There's no point. It's overkill...
Yet who keeps bumping their big fat toe into the desk every...single....week? 
YOU! That's right Judith! YOUUUUU!

Reinforced with strategical nano tubular structures in the most exposed internal mechanisms of the toe cap to give you the PERFECT slip angle of attack when your feet impact objects.

They slide right off! Like MAGIC! 

*Evil Corp does not suggest kicking a corner  inches away from a fellow colleague. It will riccoche and hit them in the shin. We can't explain why. It just does. Deal with it. Unless your.....a little bitch?

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