Rocker's Heart Crystaljock Bomber

Rocker's Heart Crystaljock Bomber


So what if you don't have a rocker's heart? The point is that you'll look like a proper badass in this jacket. The look might be cliche and old-fashioned, but sometimes the old ways work best - black jacket, white shirt, and dark pants. The perfect look for a mercenary. I mean, just look at Tomi! Don't you want her to romance you while wearing that outfit?


Wanna be the one that turns heads and takes a thousand bullets without going down? There's only one option left to you, choom!


(DISCLAIMER: While our model may look dangerously hot in this jacket, we might not be able to say the same for you. Also invest in subdermal armor and Armadillo Mods before you try stopping a thousand rounds with your face. If you don't, you're a gonk and you deserve what you get.)

  • Console Code


  • Location of Item

    -1217.335449, -1030.496948, 12.697220 Respawning Valentinos watching TV

  • Mods used

    Kala's Cyberware Colors And Demo V Texture Edits (Cyberware 1): Nexus Mods, made by Kala

    Kala's Makeup Edits (Darker Cat Eyeliner): Nexus Mods, made by Kala

    Better Natural Colors (Chocolate Brown): Nexus Mods, made by Shaundi452

    Badlands Accessories (Thigh Holster): Nexus Mods, made by Ashe

    Gorilla Arms Extended (Black Gorilla Arms): Nexus Mods, made by MeteorIWTD

    Custom Eye Colors (Neon Blue): Nexus Mods, made by SilverEzredes