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Scav Plastic Windbreaker

Scav Plastic Windbreaker


Sometimes the greatest heists are not the once where credits are gained. 
Sometimes... the greatest heist is the one where you get instant gratification from a filling dic....sausa...fuck me this sounds terrible! Who came up with this god damn storyboard?! What kind of weird ass situation is this? A manager going on a break with the crew chief and tricks him into looking at a crack junkie so she can steal a bite of his hotdog? Then run off and get stared down by a said crazy ass crack junkie? Like.. what the actual fuck Brian? Did you think this was worthy of our AD for a new mustard? REALLY?! REALLY BRIAN?!? You're so fucking fired. What a waste of my time, your time and the whole staffs time! CUT!

  • Console Code


  • Where to Find

    Clothing shops @ Stylishly - Little China - Watson


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