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The SPT32 Grad is a bolt-action sniper rifle manufactured in Russia by Techtronika. Its projectiles are capable of penetrating several layers of cover.


Around the turn of the 21st century, the arms industry faced a pressing challenge. Many popular sniper rifles were proving increasingly ineffective against people heavily modified with cyberware. A shot that would once have killed an ordinary person now only makes a dent. The world needed a new generation of sniper rifles. The first of this new wave was the Soviet-made SPT32 Grad, considered by many to be the most powerful sniper rifle on the market. It may not possess the same attention to detail as its Arasaka or Militech competitors, but in the hands of a well-trained sharpshooter who doesn't rely on weapon-assisted wind readings, the Grad is a truly devastating force. No wall will stop it from hitting its target.

  • Location of Item

    Legendary purchasable at The Manufactory, Megabuilding H4, Arroyo, Santa Domingo.

  • Crafting


    • Learned at Crafting level 9
    • Required Perk: True Craftsman
    • 20 Common Item Components
    • 20 Uncommon Item Components
    • 30 Rare Item Components


    • Crafting spec available at weapon vendors in the Badlands.
    • Required Perk: Grease Monkey
    • 20 Uncommon Item Components
    • 20 Rare Item Components
    • 30 Epic Item Components
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