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Stream Extreme High-performance Jumpsuit

Stream Extreme High-performance Jumpsuit


Street racing in night city is something else.  
The NCPD normally don't give a shit if your blasting through the streets going buck 120. 
And my god is the eddies sweet. Not much pink slip racing in these ages. 
But the eddies keep rolling in if you know how to work that machine.
Feeling the edge of the grip, getting every ounce out of that rubber compound.. thrilling.
Weaving in and out of traffic on the narrow back streets, pushing. pushing. pushing. 
The rules are simple. Get to a set of coords as fast as humanly possible. 
I guess, humanly is relative in this sense considering all the enhancements some drivers have.. anyway... Drive hard. Hit those apexes. And don't fucking hit civvies. That's a great way to get Maxtac called in on your sorry gonk ass. Competitors however.. free reign.

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