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Durable Synweave Corporate Skirt

Durable Synweave Corporate Skirt


Styling on bitches is all you ever wanted to do from when you could run around your au-pair in diamond lined toddler bibs worth more than her life. 


With the luxurious limited edition* Synweave Corporate Shirt, you'll be sure to show everyone how much fuck you money you can throw in their fat swollen faces. Make sure to rub it in that your synweave is made only from the purest materials worth more per gram than the bartenders life savings after retirement. 


Whatever the occation might be, you'll be bulletproof. Stomping heads for your corpo overlords? Stain resistant to bodily fluids and brain splashing. Doing lines at the local high end party scene? No problem. You can now go hard for days with the built in anti odour system only seen with Cororate Inc. 


Clothing worn in photoshoot: 

Face: Arasaka Tactical Techgogs

Outer Torso: Durable Synweave Corporate Skirt

Feet: Formal Pumps with Cushioned Composite Insoles


Actor is absolutely a stuck up, cold hearted cunt just as you thought. 

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