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Thin Synthetic Hoodie

Thin Synthetic Hoodie


This is Valkyrie Actual to all deep cover agents inside Dogtown. 

I require you all to immidieatly break any operational precautions and make your way toward that crash site. 


This is a priority gamma event. I say again, priority gamma. 

Neutralize any resistance without recourse. I will deal with the backlash. There's a package we cannot let slip through our nets. 


Neutralize the security detail inside the crash site and retrieve to me the VIP.  Any succesfull deliveries will pay out a one time payment of 2 Million €$ after hand off to any account of your choosing. This will also complete any contractual obligations you might have had to BFO.

 Assigned safe house located outside the AO at coordinates to follow, please check in with your handler over encrypted comms for the RZ location.


Valkyrie Actual Out. 


  • Console Command


  • Location of Item

    Where: TBA
    Location Info: TBA

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