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Tyger Claws Reinforced Tactical Harness

Tyger Claws Reinforced Tactical Harness


There's a lot of degenerates in night city.
Now, you might be thinking "Oh my, that's no good!"
Well, it is actually. Very good in fact. Because, we get to squeeze em!
Of eddies..ofcourse.. fucking pervert, hah!
Anyway. This is my shop. If you can dream about it, we can probably rule 34 it.
Drop by and find your next evolutionary step in perverse shit. 
No one will question your intent or look at you funny here.
So get your kink on king or queen. Come try us on for size, hah!

  • Console Code


  • Location of Item

    Gig:Troublesome Neighbors - Taki Kenmochi drop; 2910.22, 1417.54 Stylishly - Rancho Coronado - Santo Domingo

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