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Valentinos Leather Shoulder Straps

Valentinos Leather Shoulder Straps


Tell me, Buck... Do you think I'm one of your little putas that you can disrespect?!
You talk big man shit on the socials... like your little gang of 6th street cowboys coños won't stop me from pulling up on your block like we OWN THIS FUCKING STREET! 
You think we're scared of a bunch of vets and wannabes with a gun and some wack tattos? 
Darling.. we've burried more vets in the badlands than casualities in corpo wars you gonk fuck.. So I'm going to tell you this once, Buck... 


You talk shit on the net again about those "pussy valentinos and their beaner putas"...
We don't beef on socials or dweed the playbook, 'cause we really gon' come get you.
You feel me, chico?
Cartels have a lovely way of snatching your family during the night, and honestly, it's kinda fucked up. But it sure sends a pretty crystal clear picture, no?

Anyway, Buck. My love. We're leaving now.- Oh, and before I forget... I'll be taking 15 points of YOUR income this month for making me come to this bum fuck shit hole you call home. I'll let you know where to drop off the eddies. Give Melissa my best, yeah? Or was it Sandra... I can't remember. So many putas.. Adios amigo.

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    3139.07, 1232.82 Clothing Vendor - Trailer Park - Badlands

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