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All Vanilla Outers Accounted For

We're done. Hah. Fat chance. Unless I've missed any, all vanilla game outers up until DLC 2 (V's Clothing) has now been added to the store. I've started work on the 29? outers that was part of the DLC 2 drop that I had totally not noticed or found since picking up the torch again. There might still be a few quest items I have missed that are still buggy or gender locked. But I'm sure I'll find them in due time. I don't really do reviews of mods and such, but I have to hand it to Appearance Menu Mod. Without it, making scenes on the fly is quite the grind once you've been to every back alley and event place in the city as I have over this project. Getting a unique photoshoot location for each item isnt really "needed"... however... it does make each outfit unique. Sure, it takes longer to do each set, but it's also a bit of internal meditation to keep me from getting bored after we've gone past 700 articles on the store. Granted, I have certainly not shot all of them. But i've still done a few. Just want to quickly thank RossBot (Rosslin#4908) over at the AMM Community Discord for helping me find the commands for all the "new" outers as I couldnt for the life of me find it on google hah. Total lifesaver. Hope everyones easter has been great if you celebrate that stuff. Until next time.

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